PUK's High Political Council forms a committee to specify its powers

  2020-01-16 12:05      111 View Count        Comment
A view of the meeting.

Earlier this morning Jan 16, 2020 PUK’s High Political Council held a meeting under the supervision of Kosrat Rasul at PUK HQ in Slemani.
In the meeting, despite negotiation over the decisions released in the former meeting of the council, a new project was issued by the head of the council with the aim of specifying the power of the council in the PUK’s internal article.
A committee, which includes Hakim Qadir, Dler Said Majid and Mala Bakhtiar, was formed in order to prepare the project and discuss it with the members of the PUK General Leadership Council.

Translated by: Dr. Yadasht Salih



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