PUK bloc of Iraqi parliament visits Diyala, discussing security concerns with the officials

  2020-05-17 17:29      71 View Count        Comment

PUK bloc in Iraqi parliament visited Diyala governorate to meet up with the officials of the city so as to discuss the latest ISIS attack on Khanaqin province and the burning of the Kurdish agricultural lands, May 17, 2020.

PUK lawmaker to Iraqi parliament, Sherko Mirwais, said that the delegation had met up with the governor and commander of military operations of Diyala.

Mirwais also noted that the meeting was to address the security situation and instability in those areas, and finding a way to solve them.

Khanaqin province in general and the Kurds with their agricultural lands has been facing several attacks from the terrorists and ISIS cells recently, which resulted in burning of their crops and a number of deaths.

The situation has raised deep concern from the people of the province and Kurdish officials, asking for the return of Peshmarga to protect the region in cooperation with the Iraqi security forces.

Prepared by: Dr. Yadasht Salih


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