Iraq's Ministry of Justice issued a decree, forbidding Arabs to conquer Kurdish farmers' lands

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The Iraqi ministry of Justice decided to cancel the agricultural contracts of the previous Ba’ath regime in the disputed areas.

According to the decree, those Arabs, who have been transferred from different cities of Iraq to be settled in the disputed areas during the period of former regime, will no longer be allowed to conquer the agricultural lands of the Kurdish farmers.

The draft, in which a copy of it obtained by PUKNOW, said “All the agricultural contracts, which were made within the framework of demographic changing policy of the disputed areas especially in Kirkuk city, will be canceled.

It also said “The situation of those areas will be normalized and returned to the period prior of the contracts,”

It is worth to mention, the decision will not just include the governorates of Kirkuk, Saladin, Mosul, Diyala, but also Karbala, Najaf and Anbar.


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