Slemani overcame coronavirus, opened its shops

  2020-04-19 12:17      177 View Count        Comment

Slemani Governorate opens most of its shopings,  today Apr 19, 2020.

After controling and overcoming the coronavirus in Slemani governorate, Germian and Raparin provinces, the local officials of the region decided to normalize life in those provinces by allowing the shop owners to open their shops under some conditions.

According to the decision, opening of the shops will be permitted from 6:00 AM till 5:00 PM and people can only visit as pedestrian-no vehicles are allowed to enter the grand bazaar.

However, the curfew from 6:00 PM to 12:00 AM will contine under proper restriction as before, and any place where people gathers and do not obey health instruction, will be closed.

Prepared by: Dr. Yadasht Salih


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