President, Prime Minister discuss overall country's situations

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President Salih received at the Presidential Palace in Baghdad PM Mustafa al-Kadhimi, Thursday, May 28, 2020.
Together, they stressed the need for the rapid completion of the Cabinet by nominating competent and impartial figures, supporting the government in implementing its program, which has been passed by the Parliament, through preparing for early elections and meeting Iraqis' legitimate demands for the much-needed reforms.
The President and the Prime Minister emphasized the need to take an approach seeking to build balanced relations with its regional and international environment based on respect for Iraq's sovereignty.
They, jointly, confirmed that crises being faced by our country must be addressed. And combating COVID-19 as well as supporting health authorities to perform its duty perfectly must be given priority.
There is a need for finding solutions to economic challenges in addition to ensuring livelihood for all the Iraqi citizens, they also highlighted.
It was underlined that our present situation requires us to show common purpose and stand together to eradicate the hotbeds of ISIS terrorist gangs, to maintain the achievements reached so far, moreover to sustain the momentum generated by the victory so as to bring about peace, security and stability in Iraq.


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