PUK calls on the federal govt to protect Iraq's sovereignty and people's life quickly

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The politburo of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan held a meeting at its head quarter in Slemani under the auspices of co-leaders, Thursday, Jan 18, to address the current interior situation of Kurdistan Region and Iraq.

The meeting praised the role of doctors, healthcare workers and all those working in that field to combat the spread of coronavirus, and the Kurdistan Regional government shall abide that national soul of healthcare workers in the health sector in providing rights and necessity of this vital class of our nation, who are working at the front lines of this disease and did not let the Kurdistan Regional health system to collapse.

We as PUK support all their justified demands, because providing the livelihood and salary of employees and people is a duty and responsiblity
of regional government.

In another part of the meeting, the current situation Kurdistan Region goes through and its challanges in front of it were discussed. The abrupt meeting of political parties to find a resolving way for the difficult status Kurdistan Region travels through, was reiterated.

The meeting assessed the situation of the areas at the borders of Kurdistan Region, which has recently faced complicity. The Kurdistan Regional borders were trespassed in daylight, civilians were killed, people faced huge material and humanitarian losses, most of the villagers of those areas have fled and their agricultural products, which are the only source of their income, have been destroyed by the jets and bombardement of neighbourhood countries.

We believe the Iraqi government and house of representative shall no longer stay silent against all those violations and call on the federal government of Iraq to take quick steps for protecting the sovereignty of the sky and land of Iraq and people's life.

Translated by: Dr. Yadasht Salih


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