PUK and Change Movement addressed people's livelihood of the region

  2020-07-01 15:50      97 View Count        Comment
A view of the meeting.

A senior delegation from the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan on Wednesday, visited the headquarters of the Movement for Change in Slemani.

The delegation of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan was led by Lahor Sheikh Jangi, co-leader of PUK, and it included a number of politburo and Leadership Council's members. The delegation was received by Omar Said Ali, General Coordinator of the Change Movement and a number of other officials.

About the meeting, Lahur Talabani wrote in his Facebook account, "Today, I went with a senior delegation of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan to visit the Gorran Movement in Slemani. We met General Coordinator Omar Said Ali and officials within the Gorran Movement to discuss solutions that protect the livelihoods of our citizens, the current situation in the Kurdistan Region and the relationship between both parties as well as a number of other important topics."


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