Iraqi Foreign Ministry: Iraq has many cards to respond to the Turkish attacks

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Spokesman for the Iraqi Foreign Ministry, Ahmed Al-Sahaf, affirmed that Iraq possesses several cards to respond to the Turkish attacks, the most important of which is the economic card.

Al-Sahaf said, in an interview with "Sputnik": "Iraq has strong sources, including the economic card, where dozens of Turkish economic and investment companies exist in Iraq ... Iraq also has a balance of trade exchange with Turkey that exceeds 16 billion dollars annually, as well as international laws that guarantees the right of Iraq and there is a possibility that Iraq will go to the UN Security Council and invite it to an emergency session to discuss this matter, as well as the Arab League at the ministerial level and the Organization of Islamic Cooperation and others. "

He added: "All these cards are a power available in the hands of the Iraqi government and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, but so far we see in the political dialogue and the invocation of the principles of good neighborliness a way to overcome this challenge that reflects on security and peace in this region and on the Arab level as well."

He continued: "The Iraqi Ministry of Foreign Affairs, for two consecutive times, summoned the Turkish ambassador in Baghdad, and in the second time in particular, he delivered a strongly worded protest message and expressed our condemnation, and we rejected in the strongest terms the unilateral operations of a provocative military nature carried out by Turkey on the border strip that extends between the two countries." , Stressing that "works like that will not do well in the region."

"These actions lack a minimum level of coordination with the Iraqi government, and there is no coordination at all, and these actions will lead to an escalation of tension on the border strip that extends between the two countries."

It is noteworthy that Turkey occasionally bomb areas of the Kurdistan Region where recently it began fresh air and ground military operations in the Kurdistan Region and disputed territories in mid-June, claiming that its aim is removing suspected Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) targets from the area, but it mostly kill civilians where five civilians have been confirmed killed by these recent Turkish airstrikes.


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