PUK and CDJ issued a joint statement

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Meeting of PUK and CDJ on september 14

Deputy of PUK secretary general- Kosrat Rasool- hosted the former deputy of his party’s secretary general and the current founder of Coalition for Democracy and justice at his home. Following the meeting, they issued a joint statement, written as:

In the meeting both sides stressed on resolving the Kurdistan’s crises and the problems facing the people, within a framework of a multifaceted political agreement to rearrange the internal house of Kurdistan with the contribution of all the other parties.

Beside Rasool and Salih, Bafel Talabani, Lahur Jangi and Arsalan Bayiz from PUK side, with Rebwar Kerim and Parwin Babakir from CDJ side have attended.

“It was decided that the meetings should continue” the statement writes.
Barham Salih moved away from PUK in 2017, founded his own party and participated on May 12 election winning 2 seats. There have been recent claims the two parties are working to reconcile.


Translated by: Yadasht Salih


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