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Kurdistani Nwe's hall

On September 16, an academic debate under the title of “ Academic dialogue of Kurdistani New on Media” will take place in Kurdistani New’s hall, in which many academics, specialists and university professors participate.

The topics encompasses many different questions such as, Kurdish media in the transformation period, what are the community’s features during the transformation period from a totalitarian system to a democratic one? How Kurdish media plays its role nowadays to pinch its affects? Is it good or bad? How and why? How much of the previous mountainous culture has impact on today’s media and have medias had been able to trespass it? What are the impacts that the Turkish and other foreign films and series impose on Kurdish culture?, … etc.

“ Our aim in this dialogue is to determine the shortages and problems of Kurdish media and to evaluate the role of media-persons during this period. Taking academic’s view points on media and receiving such opinions have its own vitality for the media persons and further development of the field” Stran Abdulla- Coordinator of Kurdistani New newspaper told PUKNOW. He also pointed out that academics from different universities of the Region have been invited.

The dialogue takes place in the newspaper’s office, which is located in Sulaimani/ Malik Mahmood circle/ in front of Shahid Anwar and Majid Sultan park. The dialogues’ hosts are: Dr. Karwan Ali and Stran Abdulla.


Prepared by: Yadasht Salih


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