A statement from leadership council of PUK

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Part of the meeting

Earlier today, on Wednesday September 19, the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan's leadership council held a meeting under the supervision of the party's deputy of secretary general, Kosrat Rasool, at the PUK's political bureau.

The meeting initiated by one minute waiting for the divine soul of the martyrs then the gathering's main program set into discussion, which was on both Iraq and Kurdistan's' political situation.
The leadership of PUK, for the sake of aggregating power, ability and preserving the supreme profits of PUK and Kurdistan citizenships, welcomed Dr. Barham Salih [Ex-deputy of PUK and incumbent head of CDJ party]'s letter, which was about reunifying himself and his colleagues with the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan.
Thereupon, PUK stipulated Dr. Barham Salih as his party's sole candidate for the Iraqi presidential post.
The leadership of PUK is certain that union of Kurdish citizenship's rows is vital in obtaining further achievements for our nation.



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