Qubad Talabani issued an annoucement on some supporter's obnoxious act during the election

  2018-09-21 12:36      698 View Count        Comment
Qubad Talabani, head of PUK's list No. 105, smiling in an electoral campaign. Photo/ Azhe Omar

The head of PUK's list No. 105, Qubad Talabani, on some unwanted behaviors happening during the electoral time, issued an announcement saying that " Election is the duty and right of every single citizenship that has the right to vote, and each candidate-who has been nominated by his party- is allowed to advertise for oneself and his party. Alas, some people who thinks that they serve their party, have started tearing and ruining posters of other parties"
For thus, Talabani calls on the supporters of every party to respect the posters of other party's candidates, and to avoid any act that drive the campaign toward instability.
"And I call the fans and followers of Patriotic Union of Kurdistan in particular, to avoid having any negative reaction as a response to my posters when being destroyed. The reason we have chosen stability as our main slogan, is because we want to live altogether in a stable Kurdistan despite having dissimilarities" he writes.
In addition to that, he also goes to say "The election will already be finished soon and the parties will again gather on a worktable or in parliament, so It's not necessary to bring the election and Kurdistan's situation into insecurity".


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