Sulaimani praises World Peace Day

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Guests coalesce at the carnival to look at the exhibition

The Kurdistan region’s capital of culture “Sulaimani” on September 21 , welcomes and celebrates World Peace Day by performing a carnival in the city’s Hawarishar Park.

The carnival having more than two thousand visitors, encompassed many different fascinating projects, hand-made works, fashion show, singing, and various exhibitions, which are mostly done by university students, and the festival itself was carried out under the supervision of MESPO organization.

The spokesperson of MESPO organization “Hastiar Shexani”, said in four different languages while giving the opening-ceremony speech “We have performed this carnival to tell our neighbors Turkey, Iran, Iraq, and Middle East, United States of America and West that Kurdistan wants peace, and struggles to establish it”

At the end of the carnival, the organizers set tens of doves free to sky as an indication that the Kurds are again calling for a constant peace.


Prepared by: Yadasht Salih




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