Lahur Talabany meets Turkish Consul, conveying PUK's concern over latest operations on Kurdistan Region

  2020-07-23 19:40      128 View Count        Comment

PUK co-leader, Lahur Talabany held a meeting with the Turkish Consul to Kurdistan Region, Thursday, Jul 23, 2020.

Regarding the meeting, Talabany wrote in his Facebook account, " In that meeting, I discussed the latest political developments in Iraq and the region. I relayed the concerns of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) in regards the Turkish operations on the borders of the Kurdistan Region. One of those operations was an attack via drones on Kuna Masi which is a tourist area, not an area where there are any military or political activities. I also talked about the fact that the Kurdistan Region is a federal region under the Iraqi constitution and this constitutional sovereignty must be protected."

He also highlighted that they respect mutual borders as PUK, "We as the PUK respect our mutual borders and good neighborly relations for the sake of our mutual benefits."

On the other hand, "the Turkish Consul expressed his understanding of the concerns of the PUK and promised to deliver them through their diplomatic channels." Talabany said.


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