Bafel Talabani and Nechirvan Barzani stresses on joint work in govt and parliament

  2020-07-27 11:30      868 View Count        Comment

On Sunday evening 26 Jul, a supreme delegation from the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan headed by PUK co-leader,Bafel Talabani, arrived in Erbil, and the delegation was received by Deputy President of Kurdistan Democratic Party, Nechirvan Barzani.

Both sides, in a positive and friendly meeting, discussed clearly the problems, issues, current situation of Kurdistan region and bilateral ties.

The meeting reiterated on the necessity of good relation between PUK and KDP in particular, and the relation between all the other political parties and groups with the aim of resolving the issues and cherishing unity and harmony which are prerequisite for this delicate stage in order to combat the difficult circumstance faced Kurdistan Region as a result of coronavirus pandemic, economic crises and other issues.

Furthermore, during the meeting, the necessity of continuation of bilateral negotiations was stressed on, which is targeted at treating and overcoming the issues, and easing the burden imposed on citizens due to problems and crises.

Both sides also defended commitment to their bilateral tie, supporting the governmental institutions and cooperation in the parliament and government.

Translated by: Dr. Yadasht Salih



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