Lahur Talabany addresses key issues with U.S Consul General to Erbil

  2020-07-29 20:20      409 View Count        Comment

On Wednesday, Jul 29, PUK co-leader Lahur Talabany received US Consul General to Kurdistan Region, Robert Waller in Slemani, discussing a number of key issues that have created challenges for the Kurdistan Region and Iraq.

In the meeting, Talabany emphasized that Kurdish unity and consensus is key for political progress.

"PUK is looking to be a real partner in the government, to be a part of key strategic decisions and solutions," he asserted.

He also reiterated that PUK is different and with a more centralized authority and an executive body, "it is a stronger more unified party and will look for real partnership in the government."

Moreover, PUK's co-leader added that reforms shouldn’t solely focus on the salaries of civil servants. "We need to review the revenues of KRG's income at the borders and oil and gas contracts," he said.

"There needs to be more transparency on income to ensure we enforce substantial reform," Lahur Talabani said.

In turn, Waller, expressed his pleasure with the development in the relations between the Kurdish parties towards solving problems.

Concerning the problems between the Kurdistan Region and Baghdad, Waller supported the vision of PUK's co-leader, saying that the language of dialogue between Erbil and Baghdad is the best way to solve the financial and political problems between the two parties.


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