Slemani: Bafel Talabani receives U.S Consul General Rob Waller

  2020-07-29 20:31      478 View Count        Comment

PUK co-Leader, Bafel Talabani, received U.S Consul General to Kurdistan Region, Rob Waller, in Dabashan mount of Slemani, Jul 29, 2020.

In the meeting, Bafel Talabani congratulated the new U.S Consul General on the occasion of his assumption of his new duties, wishing him success in the performance of his duties, pointed to the need for coordination and joint work between the two sides in order to promote peace and stability in the region.

Regarding the Kurdistan Region and the relations between the political parties, Bafel Talabani emphasized the need to unite efforts towards tackling problems and approach an understanding on the ground of public interests.

"PUK attempts are heading towards addressing problems, and witnessed great progress, so that we can all overcome the current stage and improve the livelihood of citizens and employees, and this is one of the priorities of our work." Bafel Talabani pointed out.

In turn, Rob Waller reiterated on his country's permanent commitment to back Kurdistan Region and Iraq.


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