Leadership Council of PUK issued a statement regarding the election results

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A view from PUK Leadership Council´s meeting showing the leadership members standing in silence before initiation of the meeting as a respect for the soul of martyrs. Photo/PUKNOW

On Saturday October 6, the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan´s Leadership Council held a meeting at its HQ in Sulaimani to address the election results and formation of new Iraqi government.

The statement writes “The Leadership Council reiterates that the Election Commission ought to complete the legal procedures attributed to the election on a fair, democratic and legal bases. We regard every fraud as an illegal act, against the democratic principles and human rights. And at the same time, we deny firmly every deception aiming to spoil the truth and every strike against PUK.”

Stressing that “PUK, through its formal and legal canals, tries with full of its efforts to protect voters´ confidence and their votes, and will declare its final attitude once the elections´ final results announced”

The statement adds, “The Leadership Council congratulates Dr. Barham Salih for being elected president of Iraq by the Iraqi parliament, and PUK´s leadership pledge its support to succeed in his duties”

Regarding the Iraq´s status and formation of new Iraqi government, “PUK is sticked to constitutional rights of Kurdish people, normalizing situations in Kirkuk, Khanaqin and other disputed Kurdish areas, with formation of a government representative of all Iraqi groups and to step practical steps in resolving the issues” the statement remarks.

In addition to these, PUK congratulated the Kurdish Yazidi girl for winning the Nobel Peace Prize of 2018.

“The Leadership Council, in Iraq and Kurdistan Region level, regards the real participation and joint responsibility in governing as vital for fixing the problems and political process´s stability” the statement points out.

Translated and modified by: Dr. Yadasht Salih


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