George Kordahi: I hope the Arabic channels will broadcast the International Film Festival of Sulaimani

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George Kordahi standing in front of the poster of the third International Film Festival of Sulaimani on Monday October 8, 2018.

George Kordahi, the Lebanese journalist pointed out on his visit to Sulaimani, on Monday October 8, to participate in the third International Film Festival, wishing for the Arab televisions to stop broadcasting war and destruction on its screens, rather covering the events of the Sulaymaniyah International Film Festival.

Kordahi owner of the program "Who will win a million" as he landed in the Kurdistan Region to attend the "Sulaimani" International Film Festival's third session, until the cinematic company «Masti Film» interviewed with him, the director of the festival (Fuad Jalal) and a large number of masses were waiting for him warmer than the heat on this big film event.

After the warm welcome he received since his arrival in Sulaimani, Al-Kordahi told the media office of the festival: "I would like to extend my sincere thanks to the officials of this festival for inviting me to the Kurdistan Region to attend the activities of this great film festival. I am happy to participate in the Sulaimani Festival".

Al-Kordahi, one of the biggest sponsors in the Arab world said: "I have always been generally sympathetic to the problems and issues of Kurdistan and I am well versed in Kurdish issues. I am also very happy to see my family in Sulaimani, Erbil, Dohuk and all other cities in the Kurdistan Region".

He added: "I suggest that all Arab media outlets should give their attention to the Sulaimani International Film Festival and the Kurdistan Region as well, and continue to publish the news of this important artistic event".

At the end of his speech, Kordahi said: "I hope the Arab television channels will stop broadcasting the news of war and destruction on their screens, and cover the events of the Sulaimani International Film Festival as well as the artistic and cultural news".


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