Mala Bakhtyar: without a true and sophisticated cinema, we can't expect a social breakthrough change even if we have a political triumph

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Mala Bakhtyar, the forerunner of Sulaimani International Film Festival.

The third session of International Film Festival began yesterday on October 10,2018, in Talari Hwnar Hall in Sulaimani of Kurdistan Region of Iraq.

At the initiation of the ceremony, Mala Bakhtyar the man in charge of the festival and chief executive of PUK political bureau, gave a speech, saying, ”In the first year of the festival we said we will continue, and now it is the third year of the festival and again we say we will continue,” adding more to say, “Likewise we might be the last biggest nation on earth to get our independent land, we might as well be close to the last in joining the worldly cinema, but we have joined in this beautiful way”

“Without a true and sophisticated cinema, with all of its tools and affairs, we can't expect a social breakthrough change even if we have a political triumph. We must take care of this festival to continue and our nation to become an owner of a cinema, which we could be proud of it” he remarked.

He proceeded, “Cinema and philosophy, cinema and democracy, cinema and enlightenment, cinema and promoting a real critic-public opinion, won´t be separated, and without cinema neither social philosophy and social democracy nor social civil education will flourish, and nor the individuals will acquire an awareness to effectively participate in the developments and changes”

Bakhtyar once again warmly “welcomed guests from Turkey, Iran, Iraq, Regional countries and Europeans” pointing out, “we are all in love with our country, and we struggle for our country to achieve triumph in all the fields”.

Ending his speech with a short poem of the famous Kurdish poet ‘Hemn’ citing:

Till I rest, a traveler of love and freedom route I am,

Even If I don't see any culmination, but negative upshots.

For the festival, which lasts for a week, 122 films from 52 countries will be shown in 4 different halls of Sulaimani, and more than 200 guests including actors, Film-makers, directors, producers, artists...etc, have been invited.

Prepared by: Dr. Yadasht Salih


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