Iraqi PM vows to search for Yezidi kidnappers

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The Prime Minister, Mr. Mustafa Al-Kadhimi, received Monday, a delegation representing a number of Yazidi survivors and survivors from the Shingal district, the village of Kuju and the surrounding areas.

Mr. Al-Kadhimi welcomed the Yazidi delegation, recalling the brutal crime against the Yazidis on that fateful day, August 3, 2014, by ISIS terrorist gangs, and the difficult circumstances they lived after occupying their areas and villages.

Mr. Al-Kadhimi stressed that what happened to the Yazidis constituted an Iraqi pain that would not be repeated, and represented a heinous crime that attracted the attention and sympathy of world public opinion, just as the whole world stood with their cause for the horrors they were exposed to.

He stressed his sovereignty to work to keep this crime alive that future generations conjure up to reflect the brutality of ISIS gangs, and the valor of the security forces that conquered terrorism, liberated the land, and preserved the unity and sovereignty of Iraq.

Mr. Al-Kadhimi addressed the Yazidi delegation by saying: Iraq is your country, and the government is keen to take care of all components of the Iraqi people and protect their identity. Diversity in Iraq is an element of strength, not weakness.

Mr. Al-Kadhimi vowed to seriously search for the Yazidi kidnappers, and turn it into an international effort in order to return them to their families, stressing that justice must take its course.


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