Perpetrators and negligents in Shingal massacre must be brought to justice, PUK co-chair Lahur Talabany says

  2020-08-04 09:38      352 View Count        Comment

PUK co-leader Lahur Talabany issued a statement on the sixth anniversary of Shingal massacre, calling that the perpetrators and negligents must be brought to justice.

"On the 6th anniversary of the Shingal massacre and Yazidi genocide, we extend our deepest condolences to the martyrs and victims of this crime, and we wish our Yazidi people a peaceful, better, and prosperous future. Moreover, the international community, the Iraqi government, and the Kurdistan Regional Government should expedite the recognition of what happened in Shingal as a crime of genocide." Lahur Talabany wrote in his Facebook account.

He also added, "And, in the presence of a high court, the Islamic State terrorist organization, its perpetrators, as well as those who were negligent, and the cause of the tragedy must be brought to justice."


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