Lahur Talabany contracts coronavirus, but in good health

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The co-leader of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan, Lahur Sheikh Jangi

The co-leader of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan, Lahur Sheikh Jangi, stated that he had contracted coronavirus, but in a very good health.

Today, Aug 11, Lahur Talabany said, through a video on his Facebook page, “I have contracted coronavirus, and I wish a good health for the people.”

He said “I, likewise any individual of this country, infected with the virus, but feeling very good.” He added, “I feel happy that I have contracted coronavirus, so that I can better feel the soreness and pain of those citizens who have contracted it.”

Lahur Talabany went more to say “We have never walked away from responsibility, we have always been with the sufferings of our nation, and we were visiting every area that were labeled as risky zone previously to encourage people’s psychological status.”

Moreover, PUK co-chair pointed out that he has never believed by doing self-quarantine at home, they will get rid of the virus’s risks, rather “I believed that we must face the pandemic and try to raise our body’s immunity, and to protect ourselves from visiting places that are crowded with people.”

“I pray for GOD to heal all those who have been infected with the virus, and send my condolence to all those who have lost one of their dears by the virus.” Lahur Talabany asserted.

In addition, PUK co-leader sent a message to the officials and authorities of Kurdistan Region, “It is possible we might also contract this virus, and we all die at the end, thus think and try to serve your nation better. Try to not become blinded with money, and do not give up serving the people. Because what remains eventually is fame and esteem, therefore I ask you to think better, and do not think of chair, money, and power.”

Lahur Talabany, at the end, praised the role of healthcare workers, security forces and governmental institutions that have attempted to protect people, reassuring them they will be able to pass the situation altogether.

Translated by: Dr. Yadasht Salih



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