PUK to KDP: Agreement with federal govt is the best option to end crises

  2020-08-16 15:09      294 View Count        Comment

The Patriotic Union of Kurdistan sends a congratulatory letter to the Kurdistan Democratic Party, on the 74th foundation anniversary of their party.

Below is the context of the letter:

Dear politburos in Kurdistan Democratic Party [KDP], on the occasion of the 74th foundation anniversary of the KDP, on behalf of the PUK's politburo we send warmest congratulation to you, and your members and followers.

PUK reiterates on the value of the bilateral historic relation that has obtained abundant achievements in the former stages. We do also believe the best option for the current country's situation to bypass the political and economic crises is to implement the political agreement of 4/3/2019, and to practise impartiality and taking national responsibility which can be established by making agreement with the federal government so as to provide the financial share, salary and livelihood of the people of Kurdistan Region.

The Political Bureau of Patriotic Union of Kurdistan


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