Bafel Talabani visits 70 unit of Peshmarga, discussing military improvement

  2020-08-18 19:06      584 View Count        Comment

Bafel Talabani, co-leader of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan visited on Tuesday Mustafa Chawrash, commander of the 70 Unit of Peshmerga.

During the meeting, they discussed steps to accurately reorganize and train the Peshmerga forces, while the national role that the Peshmerga forces play in confronting terrorism and preserving the security and borders of the Kurdistan Region was emphasized.

Bafel Talabani- expressed his thanks and appreciation to the Peshmerga forces for keeping them safe and secure the lands of the Kurdistan Region despite the financial hardship that the region is going through- stressed that it is the duty of everyone to reorganize the Peshmerga forces from all sides and pay greater attention to military training, restructuring and training the forces according to a modern and new scientific approach, in order to achieve the desired goals.

During the meeting, military and security developments were thoroughly discussed, opinions were presented and necessary decisions were taken.


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