Kadhimi's visit to Washington comes at 'sensitive' time: White House

  2020-08-20 15:07      230 View Count        Comment

The White House stated that the visit of Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kadhimi to Washington "comes at a sensitive time and regional threats."

Coinciding with Al-Kadhimi's visit, he said: "Our goal is to stop Iran's disgraceful behavior in Iraq, and we will help the Iraqi government to achieve this, and we understand the religious and cultural ties between Iran and Iraq." He also stressed that "the talks will deal with Turkey's role in Iraq as well."

The White House added, "We want Iraq to be a stable and prosperous country, and we also want to prevent ISIS from returning." He pointed out that "the files of minorities will be dealt with and their protection after the defeat of the organization," and it is important to support the Kurdistan region by the Iraqi government.

Source: The Baghdad Post


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