Halabja: Lahur Talabany awards top three graduates

  2020-08-20 15:51      241 View Count        Comment

PUK co-leader Lahur Talabany awarded the top three students who got high marks in the high school's final examinations, in Halabja governorate.

On Thursday, Aug 20, the "Golden Shield" of Lahur Talabany were given to the top three graduates, in Halabanja Education Directorate, who took the first, second and third places in the final year test of high school.

Soran Omer, Director of Halabja Education Directorate, said " Lahur Talabany was the first political leader who contacted us soon after the results of the test were announced, sending his and PUK's gratitude to us and the graduates' families."

He also added, "Talabany had given specific awards to the graduates previously through Mam Humanitarian Foundation, and today he reawarded them by Golden Shields."


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