Bafel Talabani: No decision can be made without PUK

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PUK Co-chair Bafel Talabani states that all their concerns is to unify the Kurdish interior home and resolve the issues, and no movement and decision can be made without PUK.

Bafel Talabani said these during a meeting with the PUK’s Foreign Relations Bureau in Slemani, on Saturday, Aug 22.

At the beginning, Dr. Soran Jamal Tahir, Head of PUK’s Foreign Relations Bureau, introduced the new pattern and mechanisms of their work. Then Bafel Talabani addressed the new PUK’s policy regarding its relations with Kurdish parties, Iraq, regional states and the world. Pointing out PUK wishes to deepen relations with outside in favor of public interests, “At the level of Kurdistan Region, all our concerns is to unify Kurdish interior home and treat the issues, and concerning Baghdad, we are with mutual and balanced policy on the ground of constitution. And at the international level, we put all efforts to support our national interests.” He said.

He also added, “The Patriotic Union of Kurdistan has a friendly and healthy relation with everyone, and by taking its struggle, history and role into account, no movement and decisions can be made without PUK.”

Bafel Talabani further focused on the latest attempts of PUK and political parties of Kurdistan for a unified Kurdish home and better ruling in favor of further political and economic stability, and prosperity. Adding, “PUK backs a national and balanced policy in all the political aspects.”

Edited by: Dr. Yadasht Salih


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