Hero Ibrahim Ahmad calls on the Kurdish factions to try fully to create harmony and get rid of narrowed short-sighted partisan views

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Hero Ibrahim Ahmad, wife of the passed Celal Talabani.

Hero Ibrahim Ahmad announced a statement to the people in general and PUK supporters in particular, as a result of declaring the official results of the election and finishing the electoral process successfully.

Below is the context of the statement:

Due to declaration of the final official results of the election and passing the process successfully, I will convey my gratitude and appreciation to the Kurdistani people in general and the fans, supporters and ever struggling followers of PUK in particular for contributing in voting and succeeding another station of democracy and civilization.

The Kurdistani people's confidence in Mam Celal [Celal Talabani, whose affectionately known to people as Mam, which means Uncle in Kurdish language]'s PUK, is an obvious indication for PUK's legitimate struggle and worthy for PUK's fully prestigious history. It is also reaffirmation of people's trust in their PUK, for that it's in their expectation and its PUK that can achieve their justified rights and demands.

This time's victory is a prolongation of Mam's golden and never forgotten history, whom in the darkest moments of history became the kingpin of our nation and was be able to create the frame of Kurdistan Region for the first time. Thus, it is necessary for PUK to be in accordance to that history and more or less not to relent from the tiniest rights of people, because PUK has already been founded for that purpose and gave a stream of blood and sacrifices for that.

From here, I will deeply from the heart congratulate Peshmargas, prestigious families of martyrs and Anfal victims, fans and members of PUK, the elected candidates of PUK, and specifically our list's head whom I am certain will be successful in that historic responsibility.

I will also Hero Ibrahim Ahmad calls on the Kurdish factions to try fully to create harmony and get rid of narrowed  short-sighted partisan views and stepping into any way that might ruin the harmony, because our nation has lived in a harsh and undesirable condition, and deserves a stable situation and too much of more service.

Translated by: Dr. Yadasht Salih


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