PUK condemns the terroristic attack in Khanaqin

  2018-10-31 11:57      662 View Count        Comment

PUK’s political bureau expresses his sorrowness for the family of the victims of terroristic attack in Khanaqin.

Below is the context of the statement:

On 30/10/2018 in Bawa Mahmood district of Khanaqin city, as a result of a terroristic attack two civilians were martyred and seven were injured.

We condemn this terroristic act, which-as a result of the politically and militarily imposed situation over the disputed Kurdish areas- security vacuums have been created and every now and then the terrorists commit their terroristic attacks.

We have stated formerly and we reiterate again that the situation of those areas have to be normalized and the issues to be resolved via the constitution.

We are in accompany of the sorrow and misery of the victim’s families and we hope for the early recovery of the injured.

Translated by: Dr. Yadasht Salih


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