Shingal: Supreme delegation of Iraqi army visits PUK Organization Center

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Daoud Jundi Sheikh Kalou, a member of the leadership council and the head of the Shingal (Sinjar) Organizations Center of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan(PUK), received the commander of the 20th Iraqi Army Division, Major General Sherzad Aziz Kafroshi, and the two sides talked about the security situation in the region and the need for coordination and joint work between the two sides for the sake of security and stability in the region and creating an appropriate and safe environment for the return of the Shingali IDPs in general, and the Yazidis in particular.

The division commander assured the head of the Sinjar Organizations Center of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan that joint work and coordination with the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan is a great service to the region, because since the events of August 3, 2014 and the extermination of the people of the region, it stood with them on the military, material and moral side.

Major General Sherzad Aziz thanked the military role of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan and their effective resistance in the face of ISIS terrorist attacks in Shingal. He also thanked the role of the center’s head as a leader and fighter who participated in the fiercest battles against ISIS and stood up to them with a group of his comrades from the party’s cadres.

Jundi said, "The Patriotic Union of Kurdistan, as a political party and as military forces of, did not back down from serving the region and protecting the region in any way, and on August 3, 2014, when the terrorist organization ISIS attacked Shingal, we proved to everyone that we are with them and protecting them is our duty and we did not fail to fulfill our military duty to resist ISIS and the liberation of Shingal from their control. "

Jundi explained, "The Patriotic Union of Kurdistan did not withdraw from Shingal when the terrorist organization ISIS attacked Shingal and in light of the political and military conflicts in the region, and in all situations we had an effective role as a peaceful party and created a peaceful environment when any situation and conflict occurred in the region."

In conclusion, Mr. Jundi stressed, "The Patriotic Union of Kurdistan, with all its capabilities, will be a safe bridge for the return of security and stability to Shingal again, the return of the displaced to their areas, the provision of aid and services to them as a party, as well as organizations and associations affiliated with it, and the creation of job opportunities and appointments for graduates and unemployed youth."


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