PUK co-chair met French President Emmanuel Macron

  2020-09-03 11:06      393 View Count        Comment

On Wednesday, Sep 2, PUK co-chair Lahur Talabany met the President of France, Emmanuel Macron, in Baghdad, appreciating France’s support to the Kurds in the battle against ISIS.
Regarding their meeting, Lahur Talabany said in his Facebook account, “I was pleased to meet President Emmanuel Macron of France in Baghdad today and on behalf of the people of Kurdistan and the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan, I thanked President Macron and France for their great role in battling ISIS in Iraq and Syria and relayed my appreciation for France’s role in supporting the Kurds in Rojava.”
He also added, “In that meeting, I stressed that the threats of terror and terrorists still exist in the area and asked President Macron to continue their support until all ISIS remnants are destroyed.”


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