Mustafa Al-Kadhini visited Halabja, pledges to work on received proposals

  2020-09-12 11:56      232 View Count        Comment

Iraqi PM Mustafa Al-Kadhimi asks Halabja governorate to send a delegation from its officials to Baghdad.

On Friday, Sep 11, Iraqi PM visited Halabja governorate and met up with authorities, families of martyrs and representatives of political parties.

In the meeting, Halabja governor Azad Tofiq explained the files of disappeared children, families of martyrs, victims of chemical weapon, and the necessity of completing the legislative steps for the Halabja administrative institutions.

Moreover, Tofiq ordered that the Iraqi government shall compensate the Halabja citizens, and pay the money of the Kurdish farmer’s crops.

For his part, Kadhimi asked a delegation from officials of Halabja governorate to visit him in Baghdad so as to work on their proposals.


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