PUK: Teachers are the leaders of people

  2020-10-06 11:32      1120 View Count        Comment

PUK leadership sends a letter to teachers on the occasion of International Teachers Day, saying “Teachers are the leaders of people”

It said, “Modern and developed community will be made by honoring education and taking it important. Unfortunately, this contemporary sector has been receded properly in our country recently, which as a result will pose problems for the community in the future.”

The PUK leadership also said “We all wish a bright future for our country, but due to the status quo and the undeveloped education, we cannot achieve this hope. The threat of poverty, illiteracy and darkness will await us, if we do not resolve the educational issue.”

Moreover, the letter read “We in the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan consider ourselves as a supporter of this important class of community, and hope that serious steps will be taken in the educational sector and livelihood of teachers.”

Edited by: Dr. Yadasht Salih



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