PUK Co-leader: Kurdistan flag is a red line

  2020-10-17 12:52      751 View Count        Comment

 PUK Co-leader Lahur Talabany issued a statement on burning Kurdistan’s flag by the Iraqi protestors in Baghdad, “Kurdistan flag is a red line.” he said.

On Saturday, Oct 17, PUK Co-chair Lahur Talabany said in a twit: “We are very disturbed that the Kurdistan flag was burned. Thousands of our brave people sacrificed themselves to protect it. This flag is a symbol of coexistence, peace and prosperity.”

Talabany also added: ” Any group or side that is upset with a person or a party are not allowed to touch the sacred things of our nation. The Kurdistan flag is a redline.”
“The burning of political party headquarters is not the correct way to express disagreements.” he remarked.
This came after dozens of protesters gathered in the Iraqi capital, Baghdad, in front of KDP’s head quarter burning both the head quarter and Kurdistan Flag, as a way to denounce a statement of a leading KDP politician Wshyar Zebari. 

Edited by: Dr. Yadasht Salih


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