US provides more military and logistic aids to Peshmarga forces

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The US military and logistic aids are supposed to be distributed over the 16 and 14 Peshmarga brigades in the beginning of November, within the framework of reorganizing the structure of Peshmarga forces and providing military equipment.

On Oct 27, the Minister of Peshmarga Shorish Ismael, and Commander of Peshmarga forces Sarbast Lezgin, received a US military delegation to address the US aids to Peshmarga forces.

Shorsh Isamel praised the US military and logistic aids, and said “The US aids will turn Peshmarga forces in to a more developed and sophisticate phase.”

He added, “We appreciate the passion of US military consultants in Kurdistan Region to reorganize Peshmarga and try to create a contemporary unified and independent military army. On behalf of Kurdish people and Kurdistan Regional government, we thank US government and its people.”

For his part, the Commander of US forces in Kurdistan Region asserted: “We continue in our cooperation and providing assistance to the Ministry of Peshmarga. The second phase of our aids to Peshmarga forces confirms that it’s our and collation force’s wish to strengthen Peshmarga forces, and to cleanse the region from terror and ISIS terrorists alongside our partners.”

“In the beginning of the next month, we will hand over the US military aids to the ministry of Peshmarga in a ceremony,” he added.

Edited by: Dr. Yadasht Salih


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