Minister of Peshmarga asks coalition forces to pressure Iraqi govt to stop Arabization in disputed areas

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The Kurdistan Regional Minister of Peshmarga forces states that they have made advanced steps with Iraqi federal government regarding the formed Center of Cooperation between Peshmarga and Iraqi army, and have always wished to reach final accord with Baghdad in order to not let the terrorists move in the areas with security vacuum.

These statements from Kurdistan Regional Minister, Shorsh Isamel, came after his meeting with German Deputy Consul General, on Tuesday, Oct 27 in Erbil.

During the meeting, which was attended by several Peshmarga commanders, the Center of Cooperation between Iraqi Ministry of Defense and Ministry of Peshmarga was discussed.

“The horizon of reaching agreement with Iraqi army is obvious. Despite the obstacles, the steps continue,” Minister of Peshmarga said. He also added, “At the end of this month, Joint Cooperation Base in Erbil and Baghdad will be created, and will be founded in disputed areas step by step.”

The Ministry of Peshmarga praised the roe of collation forces, especially Germany’s eagerness for an agreement between Ministry of Peshmarga and Iraqi Defense Ministry, which will result in establishing security and stability to the region.

Shorsh Ismael asked the coalition forces to play their role in pressuring Iraqi government against the Arabization process occurring in the disputed areas, which stands against the principles of human rights and social peace.

In turn, German Deputy Consul General in Erbil, expressed happiness for rapprochement between Iraq’s Defense Ministry and Kurdistan Region’s Ministry of Peshmarga, asserting “For the protection of the region’s security and elimination of terrorists, bilateral cooperation is important.”

In the meeting, the ongoing process of reforms in the Ministry of Peshmarga was also addressed, in which Germany has also played an important role through its military consultants. “We have taken good steps and need our allies in reaching the final target, which sees itself in the creation of a national independent army.” Minister of Peshmarga said.

Edited by: Dr. Yadasht Salih




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