Baghdad is careless in removing the sanction imposed by Turkey on our flights, Sulaimani International Airport says

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Sulaimani international Airport

On “International Civil Aviation Day” Sulaimani International Airport’s administrative staff issued a statement criticizing Baghdad for not doing anything in order to break the illegal sanction Turkey has imposed on Sulaimani Airport.

The statement writes “ Despite Iraq being part of the agreement [UN’s agreement about Civil Airport], and in the agreement it is written that the civil airports which are used for public service, must not be put in to the political rivalries and to hamper their flights,” but Iraq has stayed quiet in doing anything.

The satement went further to say this is at a time that all the Iraqi airports are under the authority of ‘Iraqi Civil Aviation Power’, but Iraqi government and its Civil Aviation Power are careless about the unjustified Turkey’s decision that prevented Sulaimani flights, and they have not showed any attitude and support.

“This [The inhibiting-flight decision] has brought obstacles and uncomfort for people” the statement pointed out.

To conclude, the Sulaimani International Airport hopes for the removal of the sanction, “in this day, in which this celeberation is held prestigiously, but we hope for the removal of the sanction and obstacle Turkey has imposed on our airport”

International Civil Aviation Day is celebrated every year on December 7, reiterating that flights are in favour of people and shall not be intervened with political questions.

Translated and modified by: Dr. Yadasht Salih


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