PUK spokesman: We clearly told KDP that PUK participates in KRG formation on the ground of true partnership

  2018-12-12 16:09      371 View Count        Comment
Saad Ahmed Pire, PUK spokesman, talking in the press conference.

After the meeting of both PUK and KDP Political Bureaus in Erbil, on December 11, 2018, the spokesman of PUK Political Bureau, Saadi Ahmed Pire held a press conference stating “ strengthening the KDP and PUK relations were talked about, and PUK participates in the Kurdistan Regional Government formation on the ground of true partnership”

Pire also added that “this has been cleared stated to KDP” and “to PUK true partnership means contribution in all the main fields of the upcoming Kurdistan Regional Government ranging from security, economy, energy...etc”

He further went to say “in the meeting, better reorganization of the bilateral ties were also discussed, and a project about joint attitude was proposed so as to strengthen the Kurd’s attendance in Baghdad,”

“another aspect of the meeting was to normalize the situation of Kirkuk and to set a Kurdish governor for the city, and to treat the issues of disputed areas” Pire remarked.

Translated by: Dr. Yadasht Salih


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