Slemani: Emergency unit will be opened up for coronavirus patients

  2020-11-07 10:38      639 View Count        Comment

The Emergency Unit of Slemani Teaching Hospital will be allocated for Emergency coronavirus patients, Slemani governor, Haval Abubakir, says.

Following the raise of coronavirus patients and death in the recent weeks, many necessary measures have been taken by the governor, Slemani operation room to combat coronavirus, and the city’s officials. Haval Abubakir, stated that within the framework of preventive measures, they have decided to reserve the emergency unit of Slemani Teaching Hospital for emergency coronavirus cases.

“Coronavirus is in a dangerous situation all around the world, needs more self-protection, we call on the people to abide by the measures we have announced.” Abubakir remarked.

He also added, “We have asked to apply firm measures in the governmental institutions, public and private sectors.”

The governor gave awareness that they may not control the situation if people do not comply with measures themselves.

Edited by: Dr. Yadasht Salih



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