Head of PUK's Foreign Relations Office held meeting with Head of Canadian Embassy Office in Erbil

  2020-11-12 10:35      587 View Count        Comment

Head of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan’s Foreign Relations Office welcomed Ashley Durec, Head of the Canadian Embassy Office in Erbil, Wednesday, Nov 11.

The meeting focused on discussing the situation of Kurdistan Region, Iraq and the region in general, pointing out the economic, social, and educational implications of Covid-19, as well as the adverse implications of the pandemic upon livelihood of the people. 

“I also emphasized on the friendly relation of PUK and Canada for serving the mutual interests of Kurds and the people of Canada.” Soran Jamal Tahir, Head of PUK’s Foreign Relations Office wrote in his Facebook account.

Another aspect of the meeting was concerned with the situation of KRI and the relations of the political parties. Jamal Tahir reiterated on the significance of a meeting of the political parties for resolving all issues and conflicts, and the preparation for the upcoming elections in a way that doesn’t neglect the demands and rights of our nation. 

Moreover, he addressed the meeting of PUK and KDP, stating that a number of committees have been established to formulate mutual plans and projects, of which the most important is a committee for decentralization project and the participation of all parties in the political and security-related decisions of KRG.


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