A woman has been a bathroom handler in Sulaimani for 30 years

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Mrs. Amina hile she is igniting the bathroom.

Mufti bathroom is one of the oldest bathroom of Sulaimani, which is located at the center of Sabunkaran street opposite to the home of Prince Ala Mustafa, the king of Yamulki.

This bathroom with regard to will, refers to Mufti dynasty and, a sister and a brother of Kerimi Alaka- Barbaraya and Abdul Rahim.

Once upon a time, the bathroom was in the hands of Haji Kerim Shamqar and Haji Tofiq Laile.

Abdul Rahman of Haji Kerim Shamqar, the singer Mala Kerim, Hamai Ame, Khwarahm, Darwesh Kerim, Ala Shal, Hama Khan, Rafiq and Osman Haji Tofiq were among the handlers of this bathroom.


Aha Pyaw Khor, Brisa Kachal, Qala Chaw Jwan, Arifa Kachal, Haji Ibrahim and Mala Qadir are among the ancient operators of the bathroom.

The bathroom was ignited by cattle feces, woods and black oil in the past, but now by gasoil.

At first, the bathroom was reserved to both women and men, but now its only allocated for women.

In 1978, Muhammed Aziz Hassan took the bathroom as a rent from Ibrahim Agha of Hama Saeed Agha. Mrs.Amina, wife and mother of Mr. Hama’s children, handled this bathroom with her husband for more than 30 years. And it has been for more than 10 years she has been handling it herself.


Mrs. Amina was born in 1969 in Raparin province. She wakes up early every morning to ignite the bathroom. Alas, one of her son was burned as a result of this work, but survived.

When I asked Mrs. Amina about whom she remembers of the male bathroom handlers?

“Mama Qala and Mama Ahmad” Mrs. Amina uttered.

And are there any women bathroom handler, that means a woman to wash and message another woman?

She said “Yes, Baji Rahna, Baji Muhtau, and at the moment Sheren Kanabi is working with me”

Reporter: Hawkar Osman Bana and Fayeq Hama Salih Ali

Translated by: Dr. Yadasht Salih


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