PUK Politburo calls for postponing KRG three presidencies meeting

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Under the supervision of the Co-Leader of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK), Lahur Sheikh Jangi, on Saturday, the PUK Politburo held a meeting to discuss developments in the political situation and changes, especially the issue of salaries and livelihood of the people of Kurdistan.

During the meeting attended by the Speaker of the Kurdistan Parliament and a number of the representatives of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan in the Iraqi Council of Representatives and the representative of the discussions team between the regional and Iraqi federal governments, the Political Bureau stressed the importance of unity of ranks among the Kurdish blocs in the Council of Representatives on the law of financing the fiscal deficit, and the insistence on protecting the unity of the ranks, to ensure the constitutional rights of the people of Kurdistan.

In order to find a suitable ground for discussion and reaching an appropriate decision that is in the interest of the Kurdistan Region’s employees, improving living conditions and uniting the political forces and parties in Kurdistan, the Political Bureau officially calls on the three presidencies in the Kurdistan Region to postpone their meeting scheduled for tomorrow, Sunday, until further notice, so that all parties and political parties in Kurdistan have the opportunity to participate in it.

The Political Bureau of the PUK believes that the continuation of discussions with the federal government is the best solution to reach an agreement that guarantees the financial dues for the region, salaries and the livelihood of the people of Kurdistan.

The Political Bureau stresses the necessity of the Kurdistan Regional Government’s commitment to implementing the content of the agreements, and the federal government must adhere to the foundations of consensus and the permanent constitution to reach a basic agreement on financial dues and salaries for the people of Kurdistan.

The PUK, on the same issue, and to ensure the financial dues for the region and the salaries of Kurdistan employees, and solve problems, continues its efforts and reassures the people of Kurdistan that they will not fail in that.

Last Thursday, Iraqi lawmakers had passed the fiscal deficit financing law with a majority of its members in the absence of representatives from the Kurdistan Region, who boycotted the session over disagreements about a clause that Kurdish lawmakers described as “unfair” for the autonomous region’s share of the federal budget.

Source: PUKmedia


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