PUK Co-chair Lahur Talabany holds talk with Ammar Al-Hakim, Head of Hikma National Movement

  2020-11-16 20:48      367 View Count        Comment

PUK Co-chair Lahur Talabany met up with Ammar Al-Hakim, Head of Hikma National Movement, in Baghdad, Monday, Nov 16.

The meeting emphasized on the need for cooperation between all factions to find a resolution to the unresolved issues through serious discourse and understanding, and to end the unwelcome developments and ensure the legitimate rights of the people of Kurdistan.

"I thanked him for his vigorous efforts with the Kurdistan factions on the night that the fiscal deficit financing law was passed in parliament, to find a solution for the issue of the Kurdistan Region’s employee salaries." Lahur Talabany wrote in his Facebook account.

He also added: "I reiterated the need for continuous dialogue between us, and I encouraged both sides to fulfill their obligations because it is not acceptable that Kurdistan’s public sector employees continue to bear the brunt of the political disputes between the Kurdistan Regional Government and the federal government."

Edited by: Dr. Yadasht Salih


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