The Iraqi army and Peshmarga form joint coordination center

  2020-11-25 11:07      828 View Count        Comment

The steps for returning Peshmarga forces to the disputed areas have been accelerated, and two coordination centers have been created; one in Baghdad and the other in Erbil.

According to the information gained by PUKNOW, three more centers will be established. Deputy Minister of Peshmarga, Sarbast Lezgin, said: “The two committees will meet up soon and decide on the fate of the other coordination centers.” Added, “We will put all our efforts to create those coordination centers soon and resume Peshmarga forces to the territories outside of Kurdistan Region [The disputed areas].”

The international coalition plays a role in the expedition of creating the centers, and warned about the reemergence of ISIS.

The senior delegations between Peshmarga forces and Iraqi army are supposed to hold a meeting, and there are some choices to discuss regarding the returning of Peshmarga to the disputed areas. They will also negotiate over the creation of a joint corridor in those territories.

The three coordination centers which are supposed to be established will be in Mosul, Diyala and Kirkuk, but there are disputes over the Kirkuk coordination center, which will be left for the decision of the upcoming bilateral meeting.

Edited by: Dr. Yadasht Salih


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