PUK and Change Movement: KRG delegation to visit Baghdad and resolve budgetary issue

  2020-11-29 16:12      105 View Count        Comment

On Sunday, Nov 29, the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan and Change Movement held a meeting at Dabashan mount of Slemani.

The main topic of the meeting was to address the latest changes, political and economic developments in Kurdistan Region and Iraq, especially the poor livelihood of people and employees of Kurdistan Region, which have emerged as a result of economic crisis and spread of coronavirus. The crisis was further deepened after the passing of financial deficit bill  in the Iraqi parliament.

Despite reiterating on strengthening bilateral relation, both sides agreed that quick steps shall be taken to resolve the issues.

As a result both sides agreed on the following points:

1.) A decision-making delegation from Kurdistan Regional government to be formed immediately and sent to Baghdad in order to discuss on a radical solution for the budget and employees' salaries of Kurdistan Region. And this move shall lay a firm ground for the 2021 Federal Budget Law.

2.) We praise the developments taken for economic and administrative decentralization system, which is mentioned in the program of the ninth cabinet of Kurdistan Regional government.

3.) Building a suitable atmosphere for a summit between political parties of Kurdistan Region and improving their relations with the purpose of treating those issues faced Iraq and Kurdistan Region on the ground.

Edited by: Dr. Yadasht Salih


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