PUK believes in freedom of media, Bafel Talabani says in a meeting with journalists

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PUK co-leader Bafel Talabani stated that the Patriotic Union has its own program with other Kurdish parties.

During a meeting with a number of journalists, PUK co-leader said: "The Patriotic Union has its own program to develop the experience of the Kurdistan Region in cooperation with the rest of the Kurdish parties." Adding further “PUK believes that it must work to calm the situation, protect security and stability, and conduct reform. We believe in a comprehensive reform program, and if all the Kurdish parties cooperate together, we can address all problems.”

Concerning oil field and the contracts KRG government has made with Turkey and other oil extracting companies, he stated that "PUK has no information  about the contract concluded between the Kurdistan Region and Turkey regarding the management of the oil file for a period of 50 years," stressing that the financial crisis and the problem of employee salaries must be addressed in Baghdad and a comprehensive reform be made, the government must advance in its steps and start dialogue with the Iraqi federal government and that the Kurdish parties are not permissible to exploit the current crisis for electoral purposes.

Moreover, Bafel Talabani asserted that the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan believes in free media, and it supports its team in the Kurdistan Regional Government. 
"The Patriotic Union of Kurdistan team has full powers to take decisions, and it is not like other parties, when anything happens, their government teams returns to the leadership of the party, on the contrary to that, the Patriotic Union granted all powers to its government team," PUK co-leader pointed out.

He indicated that the reform program should not be limited to reducing the salaries of employees only. Rather, the reform must be comprehensive in all sectors, he highlighted.

Regarding the rumors dividing the region in two independent states,"We do not support dividing Kurdistan into two administrations. We did not make all these sacrifices in order to divide Kurdistan into several parts. The Patriotic Union does not believe in the two administrations system, and there is no such thing in the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan program." Bafel Talabani remarked.

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