PUK and KDP issue a joint statement, preparing for tripartite meeting

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On Sunday, Dec 6, the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan and Kurdistan Democratic Party held a meeting in Slemani, to discuss the current economic and political situation of Kurdistan Region, and the region's relation with Baghdad.

Following the meeting, they issued a joint statement. Below is the context of the communiqué:

The meeting of the delegations of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan, and the Kurdistan Democratic Party talked over the relations between the two sides and the situation in the Kurdistan Region and Iraq, and the two sides also reiterated on the necessity and importance of holding a tripartite meeting with the Change Movement, to unify the positions and defend the rights of the people of Kurdistan in federal Iraq, particularly the issue of salaries. And financial dues for the Kurdistan Region, which require dialogue on the law of financing the fiscal deficit, borrowing and providing salaries for Kurdistan Region employees, and preparing for the issue of the fiscal budget law for 2021.

In another aspect of the meeting, the two sides stressed on finding a platform for a tripartite meeting, which is scheduled to be held next Tuesday in the Kurdistan Region Presidency building.

Following the joint statement, they indicated that the meeting dealt with the administrative and financial fields, relations, and finding a meeting ground for the unity of the ranks and the position of all political parties in Kurdistan Region.

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