PUK co-chair met up with Kurdistan Veteran Peshmarga Association, praising their historic struggle

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PUK co-chair Lahur Talabany held a meeting with Kurdistan Veteran Peshmarga Association, on Monday, Jan 11, 2021.

"Today, I paid a visit to the Kurdistan Veteran Peshmerga Association, and met with its Head Jameel Hawrami, their members, and all branches of the association. We talked about the role the veteran peshmerga and all the other Kurdistan freedom fighters have played through their struggle which has resulted in the current experience, and that the bright history of the Peshmerga should always be kept alive. I asked them to review their association and make the necessary reforms to pave the way for their conference. We listened to their demands and problems and promised to support them and follow up on all their demands." Lahur Talabany wrote in his Facebook account.

He added, "We talked about the current situation and reiterated on a unified stance and political decision and intensifying the efforts in Baghdad to overcome this sensitive stage, and stressed that the agreement between the Kurdistan Regional Government and the Federal Government is the only way to settle the issue of salaries and Kurdistan Region’s share of the budget and the problems of the disputed territories."

PUK co-chair also pointed out that, "As the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan, we reiterated the need for parliamentary struggle to attain our people’s rights and to guarantee the support for the Kurdistan Region’s share in the Iraqi 2021 budget in order to settle the issue of the Kurdistan Region’s public sector salaries. In the visit, we also inaugurated the Veteran Peshmerga Radio Station and extended our congratulations on the start of the station’s broadcast, hoping that it will be a stage to deliver the voice of all veteran Peshmerga who continue their struggle and all the people of Kurdistan, enlightening the current and future generations with the struggle and history of the veteran Peshmerga who helped create the current experience."


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