Kurdistan Region and UK discuss strengthening Kurdistan Region's defense system

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On Wednesday, Jan 13, Kurdistan Region’s Minister of Peshmarga met up with senior British military consultants at the British consulate in Erbil, to discuss some projects proposed by international collation forces and ministry of Peshmarga as an attempt to empower Kurdistan Region’s defense system.

The Peshmarga Minister, Shorsh Ismael, reiterated on the importance of strengthening relation between Ministry of Peshmarga and British military advisors in developing and further improving the Peshmarga forces in terms of military capabilities and logistic aspects.

For his part, Colonel Charlie Sykes emphasized that their main target as British military advisors in Erbil is to succeed the reform project of the ministry, and Britain will deeply work on all the accepted projects from now on, which at the end will become a great achievement for Kurdistan Region’s Peshmarga forces.

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